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Iced Coffee or Iced Tea?

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I’m totally a coffee gal first thing in the morning. I wish I could make the switch to green tea. I’m sure it would be better for my system but I need the java jolt. In the summer though, if I find myself struggling to focus on work mid-afternoon, I turn to tea. Well, iced tea. I just find it way more refreshing than iced coffee. I especially love iced mint tea. Through work, I’m lucky enough to get a lot of cool, free stuff and recently sampled Numi’s Organic Mint Pu-erh Tea. It’s their green pu-erh tea blended with their Moroccan Mint. Very refreshing! And the pu-erh does wonders for your energy levels.┬áThis is a nice treat, but on a budget, and with an iced tea maker that requires eight bags per pitcher, I usually buy the mint tea that’s on sale. And although I was born and raised in the South (yes, I do consider Louisville, KY the South) I am not a fan of sweet tea. [Insert gasp here.] I take raw sugar and milk in my coffee, but prefer my tea straight up. While my husband drinks his coffee black but likes his tea with so much simple sugar you could stand a wooden spoon up in the pitcher. Go figure. Sweet or unsweet? No there’s a whole different post.

What’s your favorite cold pick-me-up?