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BYOM: Bring your own mug.

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I have been on a serious hiatus for a couple of reasons.

1) I’m horrible at keeping up blogs. I was like this with diaries as a child (see box of semi-started, half-written journals in my closet. Actually, stay out of my closet. That’s creepy). But I’m trying.

2) I’ve had to cut back on my cafe working. As much as I can rationalize it for my sanity and as a well-deserved diversion from my home office or hole I carved out for myself amidst back issues at the open desk at my company’s office, it still costs more to work at a cafe than it does to work at home. I was hoping at this point to have more submissions from others to share in place of my own reviews, but cafe working has not created the buzz I’d hoped… at least not yet! It would help if I could keep up with my posts (see #1).

While typing away in my hole the other day, a coworker shared with me that he can bring his own mug into Malaprop’s (a local Asheville bookstore and cafe) and they’ll fill it for only $1! This opened my eyes to a budget loophole that had been staring me in the face at every coffee shop counter with their handmade price tags. Travel coffee mugs! How many other coffee shops offer severe discounts if you BYOM? Sure, there’s the initial investment and it means lugging around a mug in addition to my water bottle (and diapers and my laptop) but what’s one more straw on this camel’s back? I’m a mom of a toddler, a sherpa with a Subaru.

So with this new awakening, I’m ready to venture back into the world of cafe working, my own mug in hand, and see what it does for my wallet. First, I need to find the right travel mug. So many out there to choose from. Anyone have a favorite? Suggestions?