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Freedom Writer: Taking it outside to Freedom Park

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Freedom Park, Charlotte, NC

I discovered this laptop spot by accident while taking a break from work to enjoy a beautiful spring day. There I was, sprawled out on the grass, savoring my Moe’s naked burrito when I decided just to see if by chance I could get online in Freedom Park.

Photo by Mike D'avria,

Not only could I get online, but they had their own wireless network! I will say that it was super duper slow, but it allowed me to prolong my cyber splendor in the grass rather than return to the South Charlotte Caribou where I’d set up camp for the week (a great chain find, but that’s for another post). I’m just glad I was fully charged—obviously nowhere to plug in at a park. But you can’t beat the atmosphere: fresh air, no obligatory purchases, blades of grass between your toes while you type. And in my case, a jogger going by periodically singing at the top of her lungs to her iPod. You go, girl!

I lived in Charlotte for five years and had no idea. Does everyone know about this or have I unearthed a remote workers’ best kept secret?

Freedom Park, 1900 East Blvd., Charlotte, NC


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