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Pekoe Sip House

Contributed by Brooke Edge, PhD candidate in Media Studies at UC Boulder. Thanks, Brooke!

Pekoe Sip House, Boulder, CO

I’m in the final throes of the first year of a doctoral program, and two months’ worth of back-homework is threatening to crash down on my head. In the interest of holding this mountain of reading at bay, I need a productive work environment. And lots of caffeine.

So it’s amazing that I keep coming back to the Pekoe Sip House rather than a coffee shop where I could mainline the sweet dark roast that keeps me plowing through the work. But Pekoe has just the right table and lighting, so it’s won my hard-working heart.

I live in Boulder, where it’s sunny something like 300 days a year. That’s great for hiking, but a pain for reading on an iPad. All too many coffee shops here have big, lovely windows that flood the place with light. This sucks when you have a reading device that glares big time. But Pekoe has sunny seats in the front, and then a narrow recessed seating area. See that table way in the back? That’s where I like to work. Most of the chatty people hang up front, while the workers tend to move back. It’s nice and quiet and glare-free.

The music choices are usually somewhere along the jam band spectrum, but just a few minutes ago they switched to dance music. That isn’t really my thing, study-wise, but it isn’t openly distracting. And the tea drinks are tasty, and served in actual glasses. Finally, a major perk is that it’s two doors down from my favorite market (the fittingly named Ideal Market), so fresh fruits, sandwiches, and sushi are just feet away.

Ok, time to get back to political economy or whatever I need to ingest before class. Happy cafe working to all!

Pekoe Sip House, 1225 Alpine Ave, Boulder, CO 303.444.5953


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