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Coworking or Cafe Working?

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Asheville is getting a new coworking space—the only one in town as far as I know, since the fall of Locomotivity, and then, The Tink Tank. These cafe alternatives aren’t news to larger cities. There’s Citizen Space in San Francisco, and in Brooklyn they’ve taken it one niche further with the eco-friendly co-working space, Green Desk. But for smaller towns, coworking spaces have yet to pop up, or in Asheville’s case have opened and already closed their doors. I don’t see the allure of paying money to confine myself to a cubicle, but I do appreciate other aspects of coworking: professional meeting rooms, a dependable wireless connection, and most intriguing—the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other creative minds. When you’re a one-woman department, it’s nice to have someone as a sounding board who doesn’t have ulterior motives or isn’t your mother (or both).


Sustainable coworking space at Green Desk in Brooklyn.


I like that Mojo Coworking offers daily and hourly rates in addition to full memberships. And yes, there’s coffee. I think I’m a Cafe Worker at heart, but look forward to checking out this whole coworking thing when Mojo opens. Whether it’s right for me or not, it’s definitely a much needed service in Asheville, so I hope Mojo succeeds. Now if we can only get a good Jewish deli:)

Cafe working or coworking? Which do you prefer and why?


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