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Twisted Crepe

Twisted Crepe, Asheville, NC

This restaurant might not stand out as an obvious cafe working locale, but even though they don’t advertise it, they have free Wi-Fi. If I’m downtown and know I want to eat something light and healthy while I work, I go to Twisted Crepe.

credit: Dustin Pulliam

FOOD: I’m starting off with the highlights and moving backward. I strictly come here for the food. I dream about their crepes. They are a crisp, refreshing handheld alternative to bagels and biscuits. I always get The Shorty. Until recently, it was also the best breakfast deal in town: 3 veggies, egg, cheese and choice of sauce for $2.99! You cannot get a decent breakfast in downtown Asheville for less than five dollars (someone please prove me wrong). I even saw a breakfast sandwich on one menu for $7.95…and slowly, quietly backed my way out the door. Unfortunately, this was a gateway price (now $4.99), but it worked. I’m hooked. My budget won’t allow me to visit as often as I did, but Twisted Crepe has quickly made it to the top of my “Treat Yourself” list.

INTERNET: Again, it’s free and I’ve never had connection issues. It’s been awhile since I first logged on there, but either there’s no password or if there is, they’ll give it to you at the counter. You may ask yourself “Isn’t the Internet free everywhere now?” Alas, it is not. I stayed in a really nice hotel in Atlanta (cough) InterContinental Buckhead (cough) for a wedding and had to bring some work along with me. $20 per day to use their Internet, I kid you not. At least it gave me an excuse to not work!

VIBE: This place is too clean and well-lit to have a “vibe”. I’m not saying the atmosphere is bad… it’s just not brimming with personality—kind of like the Gwyneth Paltrow of crepe places. So it’s not the place I go to hunker down and hide out, but they do have a few booths and don’t seem to mind when I take up one just for me. And the owner and staff are all very friendly (and very patient with indecisive orderers like myself).

COFFEE: Now we come to the low point. The coffee is not that great. They serve it from thermoses on a station at the front where you can help yourself. The first time I was there, I thought it might’ve just been a mishap—bad brews happen to good people. But I’ve been there several times and it’s consistently “eh”. Again, I come for the food. I’m willing to swallow a mediocre cup of coffee in exchange for a top notch breakfast.

Twisted Crepe, 62 Haywood St., Asheville, NC, 28801

Photos were taken by owner Dustin Pulliam and “borrowed” from Urbanspoon.


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