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In addition to working from home part-time, I’m a full-time mother to a precious albeit very busy 16-month-old boy. Okay, I hate acronyms, but I’ll say it. I’m a WAHM. And the older my son gets, the more impossible it becomes to get any work done in his waking hours. SO

In addition to regular reviews, I plan to include a special section on the blog for other work-at-home moms (and dads!) with suggestions for places to work outside the house that offer kid-friendly amenities: play areas, changing stations in bathrooms, etc.

I’ve already found a couple of amazing cafes that were made specifically with moms in mind. If you live in San Diego or Chicago, check these out and let us know what you think!

Java Mama, San Diego, CA

Family Grounds Cafe, Chicago, IL

Help other moms and dads save a shred of sanity. Share your favorite kid-friendly spots with us!


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  1. This is amazing that places like those cafes exist! I love it. I also work in an amazing bakery/cafe in Kittery, Maine called Beach Pea Baking Co. Check us out!


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